At CDC, our Open MRI machine offers the most advanced imaging techniques that were previously only offered with high field MRI. The Airis Elite offers maximum patient comfort and the most advanced open MR imaging technology available in the Columbus area, all at a fraction of the cost of hospital based exams. Our Open MRI is located in a comfortable, tranquil setting that makes even a claustrophobic patient feel at ease. The open bore with easy patient access and minimized scan time, offers smooth and pleasant patient experiences and efficient exams. Why choose an Open MRI?

  • A great option for patients with claustrophobia or anxiety
  • Perfect for children of all ages
  • Accommodates people of all shapes and sizes

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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is one of the safest and most accurate imaging techniques available. It combines a powerful magnet with sophisticated computer technology and radio waves to produce detailed pictures of organs and soft tissues to diagnose a variety of medical conditions.
The MRI suites at CDC/CDC Northside are naturally lit and spacious. We offer a variety of patient comfort features including CinemaVision, headphones for movies, music, eye pillows or sleep masks, and a two-way communication system to speak with the technologist at anytime during the process.
Keep in mind that you will be wearing headphones to block out much of the noise that you can hear in the sample sound file. If it makes you more comfortable, you are invited to bring your favorite CD to listen to during the exam.