Not all MRIs are created equal. CDC Northside is the first imaging center in the Columbus, Georgia area to offer the new Siemens 3.0 tesla Trio MRI scans to the public. Employing sophisticated technology that has previously been confided to research facilities, the Siemens 3T Trio is setting the new standard in medical imaging. Patients don’t have to compromise their health with a lower strength magnet. Take advantage of the state-of-the-art 3T MRI imaging technology and friendly atmosphere at CDC Northside.

Our 3T scanner delivers double the field strength of typical 1.5T scanners and 10 times the strength of open MRI, providing the highest possible resolution. Why choose the 3T machine?

  • Extremely efficient, utilizing shorter scan times.
  • Superior clarity facilitates detection of pathological conditions involving the brain, spine & musculoskeletal
  • Maximizes patient comfort without compromising quality
  • Produces clearer, crisper images resulting in more accurate diagnosis
  • Increased spatial resolution allows for high-quality vascular imaging 

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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is one of the safest and most accurate imaging techniques available. It combines a powerful magnet with sophisticated computer technology and radio waves to produce detailed pictures of organs and soft tissues to diagnose a variety of medical conditions.
The MRI suites at our facilities are naturally lit and spacious. We offer a variety of patient comfort features including CinemaVision, headphones for movies, music, eye pillows or sleep masks, and a two-way communication system to speak with the technologist at anytime during the process.
An MRI experience can be described as somewhat loud to those who have never heard it before. You may be interested to hear what it sounds like before your visit.
Keep in mind that you will be wearing headphones to block out much of the noise that you can hear in the sample sound file. If it makes you more comfortable, you are invited to bring your favorite CD to listen to during the exam.