Columbus Diagnostic Center/CDC Northside has its own billing and insurance office located in Columbus.

Insured patients:

Payment for services provided from Columbus Diagnostic Center/CDC Northside is due at the time services are rendered. We will promptly submit a claim for your patient(s) to any third party or insurance carrier with whom we contract. Any fees not payable by the third party or insurance carrier are the patient’s responsibility. You will find that virtually all major insurance providers are accepted.

Insurance pre-certification:

Most insurance companies require pre-certification of non-emergency services. This is commonly the responsibility of the patient and their physician. Failure to obtain pre-certification could result in non-payment of the imaging bill by the insurance company.

We have a pre-certification specialist who can assist you if you have questions about which scans require prior authorization. Along with the order and a copy of the insurance card, it is helpful for us to have the following information at the time we contact your patient’s insurance company:

  • Reason for the exam – as specific as possible
  • Results of any x-rays or scans related to current request
  • Has the patient had physical therapy?
  • Is the patient on any medications related to the condition?

Pre-certification must be received prior to the scheduled test being performed. If your office is obtaining pre-certifications, physicians should record the number on the order or call our pre-certification number at 706.322.3000. Patients who wish to bill their own insurance will be required to pay for these services during the registration process.

Uninsured patients:

Uninsured patients are eligible to receive a self-pay discount. However, it is important to be aware that payment is expected at time of service. CDC/CDC Northside accepts cash, check, credit cards and debit cards. For service price estimates, call 706-322-3000. Please notify us regarding ‘uninsured patients’ for self pay discounted rates.